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There is a voluntary uniform at Lokrum Fields for those students who feel comfortable wearing one. Our uniform can help to reduce decision-making for students when getting ready and foster a sense of belonging.

We recognise that many of our students will have sensory needs and fixed preferences and we strive to ensure every student feels at ease.  If wearing a uniform would make it difficult for a student to attend Lokrum Fields or be ready to learn, it is completely acceptable for them to wear the closest clothing to the format of the school uniform in which they feel comfortable. We only ask that clothing covers all areas that would be covered by a t-shirt and shorts and there are no pictures or text that could cause offence to others.

Our uniform consists of:

Any plain colour T-shirt or polo shirt students find comfortable and any plain colour cardigan, hoodie, jumper or sweatshirt they like, with or without the Lokrum Fields logo.

Any navy or black bottoms.

Black shoes or dark trainers.  Open-toed shoes or heels over 2cm are not acceptable.  If any student has difficulty wearing socks or shoes, we will agree a solution which they can manage.

If you would like to purchase items from a uniform supplier, S&H Schoolwear and Sports are happy to add the Lokrum Fields logo to any of their stock. However, items can be purchased from any shop and we can provide a digital version of our logo for anyone who would like it added. Sweatshirts and T-shirts can have a logo on the front and there is a university-style logo that can be added to the back of hoodies. We can also provide fabric badges which can be sewn on to any top.

Jewellery must be kept to low-value items and should only include items which are unlikely to cause a safety risk or interfere with learning.

Students are asked to wear a T-shirt, sweatshirt if needed, trainers, and jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts for PE and some outdoor activities. We take a pragmatic approach to the need for students to change before and/or after PE, depending on the nature of the activity, the time of day and the needs of each student and their peers. We encourage changing for any activities where this would ordinarily be the social norm for reasons of hygiene or practicality, with individual arrangements being made as necessary. Students use private individual changing and shower facilities when changing on-site.