An independent specialist setting
for students with autism and anxiety
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About Lokrum Fields

Lokrum Fields is a small co-educational day setting for academically able students with autism or related needs. We offer a personalised approach to learning which recognises students’ strengths and interests and enables them to achieve academic success.

Students benefit from high staff to student ratios and small classes, with highly-skilled specialist staff and on-site therapists. Our gentle therapy dog further supports student wellbeing. We work closely with students, families, and professionals to tailor the provision to each student, listening carefully and offering flexible child-centred solutions so that every student thrives.

Lokrum Fields is situated in beautiful grounds and overlooks open countryside, allowing our curriculum to embrace opportunities for outdoor learning. The calm feel of our rural surroundings is reflected in our low-sensory, uncrowded premises, where students can access sensory areas and individual workspaces as needed.

We celebrate all forms of personal growth and recognise the achievement of students developing resilience and independence. We teach life skills alongside a challenging academic curriculum and encourage every student to identify and realise their aspirations for the future.

Our low student numbers and large spaces make us ideally placed to minimise risks associated with COVID-19. We will continue to review all emerging guidelines and prioritise the well-being and safety of students and staff.