An independent specialist setting
for students with autism and anxiety
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Our therapy dog

Our therapy dog, Cindy, is trained by Autism Dogs CIC to support young people at Lokrum Fields.

Cindy can sit with students while they read to her, play ball, walk around the grounds with them or lie next to them to help with difficult conversations. She will be there to help students who are having a bad day and need the calming feeling of stroking her soft coat.

When students join Lokrum Fields, Cindy and her handler can get to know them off-site in a place where they feel comfortable. Cindy will also be there to greet them on their first visit to Lokrum Fields.

Cindy has public access training, enabling her to accompany students on visits to shops, on public transport and for other activities in our local community. Her presence will provide reassurance for students with high anxiety who struggle to access public places.

Cindy has her own email address in case students want to email her or ask her to help them in a particular way. She also has her own timetable, allowing staff to book her for a particular student or activity and to make arrangements around her scheduled rest periods.

We understand some children can be wary of dogs. We are confident that Cindy can help students to overcome this but please be reassured that we will make sure she only interacts with those who welcome her presence.