An independent specialist setting
for students with autism and anxiety
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Our curriculum

Our curriculum covers all areas of student development. We work closely with students, families and professionals to ensure that the full curriculum is available and delivered in an accessible way.

Cognition and Learning

We deliver a broad and balanced academic curriculum, differentiated to meet the individual strengths and challenges of our students. We acknowledge that some students will have missed significant portions of the taught curriculum and are committed to working to fill the gaps in their knowledge and skills.

We also recognise that some students will show aptitude in particular subjects and we will adapt our teaching to build on these strengths.

Our aim is for all of our students to learn at an age appropriate academic level and study a number of GCSEs comparable to their peers in mainstream schools. This will widen their future options in terms of educational provision and workplaces.

Communication and interaction

Our Speech and Language Therapist works closely with our teaching and support staff to integrate strategies for developing communication and social skills across the school day.

Students will learn about the different forms of verbal and non-verbal communication, conversation skills and other aspects of interaction that will support them in school, the wider community, and life beyond school.

We build into the timetable opportunities to spend time in the wider community, build links with other educational settings, follow outdoor pursuits, learn about local businesses, use public transport, volunteer and welcome visitors into our school. These are planned carefully and staffed appropriately, with sensitivity to the needs of each student.

Social, emotional and mental health

We provide opportunities for supported social interaction and for building sustainable friendships amongst like-minded peers.

We promote an ethos of flexibility that enables students to feel safe and supported throughout their school day.

Our on-site therapists work with teaching and support staff to provide a range of strategies and adjustments tailored to meet the emotional and mental health needs of each student. We acknowledge that previous school experiences can have a significant impact on some students and we work to provide the consistently positive experiences that, in time, reduce anxiety and build the resilience required for moving on to further education, higher education and employment.

Sensory and physical

Our building has been specifically selected to improve the sensory experiences of our students during their time in school. The quiet, rural setting, spacious rooms and large outdoor areas are complimented by carefully planned furnishings and our willingness to be adaptable.

Students have access to various withdrawal spaces inside the building and outdoors which offer a variety of sensory input so they can choose what works best for them. There are sensory toys available in classrooms, outdoor tables for eating lunch and safe spaces to run and let off steam when needed. These withdrawal spaces are available for calming, resting or for use when students find it easier to work in a quieter place, away from their peers for a while.

Our occupational therapist uses each student’s sensory profile to support staff with strategies for improving concentration and reducing anxiety and sensory overload. We provide adapted writing materials, surfaces, seats, and other equipment as recommended by therapists.